Monday, August 15, 2011

Picnic on the Quad with family August 2011

We appreciated the time to get together for a quick picnic, a little play time and some cart rides. Thank you Paisley, Ada and Kaiser for the photo shoot!

3 in a cart was slightly crowded, but they managed it to get at least a few snapshots.

and more cart rides...

It was a nice picnic and we appreciated a little time spent together. Odin ended the picnic with a few cart rides for the kids. It was a little hard to fit 3 in the cart, but they seemed to enjoy some single and double rides.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Every young man needs to know how to have a tea party, give treats to a huge dog, go grocery shopping and run a train.

The joy of being a grandparent is to re-live the special moments you had with your own children....and then there is "creating new moments". Maybe ones you wished you had taken the time to do and never did. So here we are, taking in as much as we can with our grandchildren and thoroughly enjoying every sweet, cheesey grin they give us, every twinkle in the eye that says they are "up to something" and every quiet moment of just soaking it up and cherishing each second we have with them. When we are in our 90's (yes, we plan on living that long), these are the pictures we will have in our minds. Seeing these sweet faces and reflecting on our own sons at this never lose those images....ever